Spring Festival and Beijing

Today, during the biggest celebration of Chinese New Year- Spring Festival, let’s talk about how a festival could change a city- the capital of China-Beijing. The biggest celebration in China is the biggest migration in the world. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people travel from the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou back to their hometown to reunite with their families. About 2.8 billion trips will take place during the 40-day long Spring Festival season and from February 1 to March 12, Beijing will see 32.5 million people transfer to other cities. This migration is making big effects on the traffic through cities in China, as well as in Beijing. It makes us consider how the amount of population would change a city.

As shown in the following picture, when thousands of employees have left the city, mountains of sharing bicycles, which used to be convenient for people’s lives, now become abandoned on streets. Roads are congested by bicycles instead of cars. The city is built for people who live in it and scaled for its amount of population. When there are fewer people living in a city, many facilities become useless. For example, without too many cars passing over roads, roads for cars could become for pedestrian and parks. Pedestrian overpass could be transformed into another layer of life.1'

As well, when fewer people take space of bus, it could become more comfortable, similar to a living room for the passengers.


And the façade of buildings at night shows us the attendance of people living inside as one turns on the light when returns home. Each light up of the window tells a lonely soul gets warmed after a whole days’ tired. And a myriad twinkling lights warm up the city.


The city is concerned for life and people.When a city becomes empty, the original orders are broken down. Design should be responsible to shorten the distance between people by reconsidering about the roads, buses, buildings… on their scales. After the festival, Beijing will become a big busy city full of people again, but our illusions may never stop.


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